Baking, Cooking and Jamming

It will be a few weeks before I share any recipes except to say that since Francesca and Mr T departed for cooler climes – I have been so enthralled with all the Francesca taught me about sourdough and making cheap dairy products. The jamming, conserving and pickling is a legacy from my Granny and we spent many winter hours on the farm collecting fresh produce which ended up in the larder..We used the Vacola system and the wood-fired washing copper for bulk produce. What great learning grounds. In the Tropics our seasonal fruits are yellow passionfruit, citrus, acid-free pineapple, red dragon fruit, red papaya. A plethora of combinations to play with resulting in some scrumdiddlyosious goodies. I’ve been playing with the sourdough recipes and have par-invented small breakfast seeded loaves for my B&B guests. As for the soft cheeses and labneh – can’t make enough! Yogurt is being churned out at 2 litres a day.  As it’s the cooler months here, kitchen work is easy and I’m using it as an excuse to put off making the B&B beds – well until the last minute!